This integration enables Bricleir users the option of having a Zoom meeting created along with a Bricleir event.

Bricleir users who create Zoom meetings also have the ability to start the Zoom meetings from the Bricleir event. Bricleir events with an accompanying Zoom meeting will contain a link to join the Zoom meeting event. When the Zoom meeting ends, the Bricleir event host can see a list of participant names, if available.


  • A paying Bricleir account.

  • A Zoom account.


  • Log in to your Bricleir account.

  • On top of the page, click on the “Events” link, and click on “Add an Event”.

  • On the right side of the page, under “Zoom Account”, click on “CONNECT TO YOUR ZOOM ACCOUNT”.

  • Select “Authorize” on the Zoom page.

  • You will be redirected back to the event creation page, where you can continue to finish creating the event.


  • After installing the Zoom integration, click on the “Events” link on top of the page, and click on “Add an Event”.

  • To create a Zoom meeting for the Bricleir event, check the checkbox labeled “Create a Zoom Meeting”.

  • If the checkbox labeled “Show Zoom link only to accepted invites” is checked, then after the Bricleir event is created, the link to join the Zoom meeting will only be displayed for those who apply to the Bricleir event and are marked as “accepted” by the Bricleir event host.

  • Make sure the start time and end time for the Bricleir event is correct.

  • Give the Bricleir event a description.

  • Click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page. This will create a Bricleir event, and a Zoom meeting with the same start and end times will also be created.

  • After the Zoom meeting is successfully created, the Bricleir event host will see a link to start the Zoom meeting on the Bricleir event page.

  • Participants -- or if the “Show Zoom link only to accepted invites” option is checked, then approved participants -- will see a link to join the Zoom meeting on the Bricleir event page.


  • To uninstall the Zoom integration, first log in to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace: https://marketplace.zoom.us/

  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Bricleir app.

  • Click the Bricleir app.

  • Click Uninstall.


If you experience any issues with the Zoom integration, please contact us via chat on https://app.bricleir.com or email us at support@bricleir.com.

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